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EX1843667 €1,500,000
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EX1843667 €1,500,000
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  • Commercial
  • Marina De Portimão, Faro, Portugal
  • Consume Co² Pending
  • Emissions Co² Pending

Prime Location:
Located in a sought-after area, this property is a prime investment with high potential foot traffic and a built-in attraction for beachgoers and boating enthusiasts. These premises are unmistakenly a perfect position for an authentic Irish pub {or other suitable food and beverage facility} in the best part of Marina De Portimão which is positioned along the beuatiful beaches of Villamore in the sunny Algarve region.

Invest in Your Seaside Dream Today!
Don't miss the chance to own this gem of a venue that seamlessly blends the beauty of the beach with the charm of a double-volume premises. Whether you're envisioning an Irish pub, a seafood haven, or a unique dining experience, this property provides the canvas for your culinary masterpiece.

Contact us now to schedule a viewing and make your dream of owning a beachfront establishment a reality!


  • See attached the promotional flyer, the plans and some pictures.
  • These are 2 stores, that where unified, but this could be reverted and used separately.
  • The total area of the stores is 432 sq m2. Inside area is 244 m2. Balconies with direct sea view has 188 m2. The asking price is 1 500 000 Euros + VAT. This is a touristic hotspot.
  • There are no other free places in the Marina, and there is a huge demand for rent, for different kind of business, especially for setting up restaurants and boat companies. It’s an interesting location to install a business or to rent. If we divide the asking price, for the remaining months till the end of the using rights in 2060, we get a cost of approximately 3000 Euros monthly.
  • Before the seller bought these stores they where rented at the price of 5000 Euros monthly. That was 9 years ago, in 2014. These days the stores that have direct sea view, are rented in the Marina, between 15 to 18 Euros per sq m2. With this area of 432 sq m2 at this location, the stores could be easily rented, between 6500 to 7500 Euros monthly.
  • For the seller, there are two valid options of sale, both the direct sale of the stores, OR: as the sale of the company that owns the stores. If we sell the company, VAT tax is not applied. If we direct sold the stores, it doesn’t need a public deed, since which is sold are the using rights till May 2060. A contract is signed, with acknowledged signatures of both parties, in which the rights of use of the current owner are transmitted to the new owner. After payment an invoice is issued by the current owner to the new owner.
  • The sale of rights of use is an act subject to the payment of 23% VAT by the buyer. The buyer can subsequently request a refund of VAT. In May 2060, the owner of the rights at that time, will be asked to pay a fee to renew the rights for more 60 years.
  • With the total renovation that the stores underwent in 2021 to create the clinic, everything was designed to be able to change the line of business easily. All the ceramic covering on the floors was placed continuously and only afterwards were the divisions created, with the plasterboard glued to the floor. All partition walls are easy to remove and the floor is not damaged. There are many water and sewage points on all floors, as well as two technical cores, which allowed low-cost adaptation to other lines of business. You are BUYING the premises that has a 36 year ownership remaining.

  • Floors 2
  • Terrace
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